2 Former CWE Champions Officially Entered Into The R2R.

 2 Former CWE Champions Officially Entered Into The R2R.

Talking about spoiling Christmas! Friday night a damper was put on the Christmas of 48 other CWE stars as CWE’s Christmas Cluster**** played host of the official announcement by arguably the two most dominant CWE Champions in history of the company that they would be competing in the Rumble To Remember on January 12th in Winnipeg!

“Bring The Pain” Matt Fairlane and “Outlaw” Adam Knight literally just missed each during their prime and peak position in CWE up to this date but both men have left trails of destruction very much the same as the other.

Both men hosted 2 year undefeated streaks that led them on the path of becoming CWE Champions with very strong reigns.

Experience is key and with both having over two decades of experience they both enter this match with a successful history, vast experience, and heavy favourites to win the match and go on to challenge for the CWE Championship.

The “Outlaw” fresh off losing the championship to Tyler Colton has appeared to have turned a new leaf explaining on Friday night he is understanding he must start at the bottom for another chance to void his first loss to Tyler Colton.

“The Alpha Male” has his rise while current champion Colton was working the undercard and honing himself as a tag team wrestling under the leadership of his trainer. These two have never collided which would make for a very interesting coming together of two distinct CWE eras!

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