New Rumble To Remember Announcements

Going To Be A Grim Rumble To Remember On January 20th.

The next announced entrant in the annual 50 man Rumble To Remember on January 20th in Winnipeg is recently announced CWE newcomer Mr. Grim!

The feared and intimidating 250lbs beast of a competitor will be making his CWE debut on The New Heights Tour and looks to wrap up the last leg of the tour by outlasting 49 other competitors and going on to compete for the CWE Championship at the 8th Anniversary show against one of the few men larger than him in the CWE locker room, “Outlaw” Adam Knight.

This super athlete is capable of impressive feats of strengths and athletics which is going to make him a real threat to any other man who thinks he is walking out the winner of this golden ticket opportunity.

However as “The Bodyguard For Hire” it will remain to be seen if Mr. Grim will be competing for himself in this very important match or has his services been bought and paid for by someone looking for some extra protection and an insurance policy so to speak to ensure their victory and championship opportunity.


Jon Drezden Joins The Rumble To Remember.

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite has played host to some major cross over stars from radio personalities to football players and on January 20th in the Rumble To Rumble that trend will continue with rap superstar Jon Drezden!

Jon Drezden began his journey in entertainment as a professional wrestler touted as a top prospect with high potential. Before that potential could be tapped into Drezden’s passion for music took off with him finding vast success as a touring artist playing alongside some of the biggest rap and hip hop artists to ever come through Canada.

Earlier this year Jon Drezden and his partner known together as the Whiskey City Saints performed live for CWE fans at Rookie’s Sports Bar to a great reaction.

On January 20th Jon Drezden returns to the squared circle where his entertainment career began and he looks to finally tap into that potential that was touted of him as he looks to out last 49 other stars and go on to challenge for the CWE Championship in the main event of the 8th Anniversary show!


Newly Announced Talent Looking Make A Mark In R2R.

There has been an influx of brand new talent making their way to Canadian Wrestling’s Elite for the first time on The New Heights Tour and one of those talents is Roy “Flash” Gordon.

On January 20th this highly touted prospect will look to make a long lasting impression as he enters the biggest match in all of professional wrestling, the 50 Man Rumble To Remember!

Roy Gordon has been a two year sensation across the Midwest United States and comes to Canada for the first time January 10th-21st appearing in four provinces but he looks to solidify a full time roster spot by overcoming 49 other competitors and going on to win the Rumble To Remember and earning himself a main event championship opportunity against the CWE Champion at the 8th Anniversary show!

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