CWE SuperStars

CWE Champion “Wrestling’s Strongest Man” Tyler Colton


CWE TV Title “Jacked Jesus” Tommy Lee Curtis


CWE Junior Heavyweight Champion “Tornado” Tony Kozina


CWE Tag Team Champions The Cannon Clan (Jacob Creed & Bobby Collins)


“Hotshot” Danny Duggan


The Bullet Club’s “Crown Jewel” Chase Owens


“The Zombie Hunter” MENTALLO


“Outlaw” Adam Knight


“The Rebel” Bobby Collins


“First All Star” Brian Rich


“The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon


“The Canadian Crusher” AJ Sanchez


“A-List” Anderson Tyson Moore


2016 Elite 8 Winner Jason “The Gift” Kincaid


Phil Atlas


“Killa” Kaz Karter


Roy “Flash” Gordon


Shane Sabre


“The Mercenary” Garrison Creed


Shigehiro Irie


“Hellbilly” Rex Roberts


Marky Mark




William Saint


“Cougar Meat” Kyle Sebastian




“Second To None” Alex Anthony


“Super Dad” Bubbles McFly


“The Crazed Cowboy” Jacob Creed


“Big” Jess Youngblood


Kevy Chevy


“Pistol” Pete Wilson & “Dynamite” Dan Meyers


“Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews


RJ Lilley


Scottie Raver


Steven Stylez


“Superstar” Todd Bullet


Tony Novak


“Big” Bobby Schink


“The Prodigy” Matt Hart




Mr. Inkredible


Crazy Horse


“The Rabid Dog” Rob Stardom


The Big Cheif


“Misfit” Mike Mission


Kody Lane


“Tasty” Travis Cole


“Beautiful” Bobby Jay




Wildman Firpo


“Murder City Saint” Nate Hardy


Tiger Ali


Agent Red


Official Kenny Rogers


Official Alan Daniels