Chained Fist Match Added To October 11th

Chained Fist Match
Billy Blaze vs. “Big” Cliff Corleone

Two of the biggest and baddest men to ever step foot inside a CWE ring will square off against each other, with chains wrapped around their fists!

Former tag team partners and running mates Billy Blaze and Cliff Corleone have a heated rivalry brewing month after month that sees the violence and brutality increase each and every time these two men are in the same room.

Blaze was kicked out of the Sons Of Anarchy stable after not only losing the TV Title to Bobby Collins earlier this year but by showing what Corleone and Mission thought was a sign of weakness by shaking Collins hand after the hard fought battle.

Since being discarded from the group Corleone and Mission have looked to put an end to the career of Billy Blaze but the charismatic Blaze continues to not only one up his fellow gang mates but beat them as well. After securing a win over Mike Mission at end of the road Corleone attacked Blaze with a chain wrapped around his fist as Mission held up the arms behind the back of the helpless Blaze.

On October 11th in Winnipeg the odds will become even as both Blaze and Corleone will wrap chains around their fist and go to war with one another to put an end this bitter and dangerous grudge.

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