Classic TV Title Feud Revisited July 22nd.

Classic TV Title Feud Revisited July 22nd. 

CWE’s Only Grand Slam Winner “Bad Boy” Anderson Tyson Moore vs. CWE Tag Team Champion “The Rebel” Bobby Collins

5 years ago this summer CWE was home to a red hot feud between Bobby Collins and ATM that saw some brutal battles, slop poured, and the changing of the TV title to Anderson Tyson Moore.

This reign as TV Champion would prove to be a historic one and the launching pad for ATM’s future CWE Championship reign.

“The Rebel” has faired quite nicely as well with two, one of them being current reigns as CWE Tag Team Champions a part of the most hated and dominant group in CWE history, The Cannon Clan.

On July 22 at New Horizons at Assiniboia West Community Centre these two old rivals will lock up again more accomplished and more experienced with a point to prove once again!


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