Creed vs. Creed & Jr Heavyweight Showcase Signed

9 days and counting until the kick off of CWE’s 8th Anniversary Tour in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and two more matches have been signed!

Zero-1 Alumni Alex Anthony vs. “Tornado” Tony Kozina

Alex Anthony burst on to the CWE scene as a last minute addition to The New Heights Tour and as a result is back for his second tour and kicks off the 8th Anniversary Tour with a huge singles encounter with 20 year independent wrestling icon “Tornado” Tony Kozina in Prince Albert.

Although he has vast experience in Japan and has trained under The Dudley Boyz Alex Anthony is still looking to cement his feet somewhere and create his own legacy. CWE is allowing that platform and we will see what he brings to the table in a huge match encounter with Tony Kozina.

Tony Kozina has positioned himself as an anchor of CWE tours for the foreseeable future as he consistently delivers in big match situations against the best in the world. Although he has a pretty solid spot on the roster nothing is for certain nor lasts forever and Alex Anthony is coming with the same poise Kozina did when he looked to secure his position in the company!

“The Mercenary” Garrison Creed vs. CWE Tag Team Champion “The Crazed Cowboy” Jacob Creed

Two men, the same last name, and that’s where the similarities stop. To our knowledge these two competitors are not related in any fashion and that shouldn’t come as any surprise as the two men couldn’t be any more polar opposite.

Garrison, the US military veteran lives by a very strict code of conduct and set of morals and ethics where Jacob is loud, obnoxious, perhaps drinks too much, and likes to pick a good fight.

Jacob Creed won’t have to look to far for a fight in Prince Albert as when that bell rings he will be competing against one of the most dangerous human beings in the business. Garrison Creed is a highly trained killer. Not a fighter, a killer for the US army just like his moniker indicates.

Not to be underestimated Jacob Creed is “farm boy strong” to a tee and fights for the fun of fighting. This match can and more than likely will become intense and potentially lethal very quickly!

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