Current ECCW Champion Debuts For CWE In Alberta

CWE’s Destined For Greatness Tour is shaping up to be the most star studded tours in company history with not only arguably the most stacked touring roster ever assembled but also with some incredible debuts and returns of some of Canada’s biggest marquee independent stars in select markets.

Insert El Phantasmo.

El“El Phantasmo is the current must-see wrestler in the Pacific Northwest. Why you ask?
Death defying leaps through the air? Check.

Drop kicks that have been described as “made by Michelangelo himself”? Check.

Nipple twisting opponents into submission? Double check.

He flies through the air like Superman with a death wish, as if Lois Lane finally dumped him and he had forgotten to pay taxes for several years.

You know the movie The Matrix? That’s based on the life of El P. He can dodge bullets. BULLETS. No, he can’t bend spoons, but the bullet thing. That’s pretty sweet.

You know the movie Jurassic Park? That has nothing to do with El P, but El Phantasmo sure loves those raptors.

So the only thing you have to ask yourself when you’re about to watch an El Phantasmo match is “How badly am I going to pee my pants in excitement?”

Answer? A lot.”

El Phantasmo is a two time and current Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling Champion and fresh off a career defining match against PWG/Lucha Underground Star Brian Cage at ECCW’s premier event, The Ballroom Brawl.

British Columbia’s ECCW is recognized as one of Canada’s highest profile organizations and El Phantasmo has done it all within the organization. 2 ECCW Championship reigns, former ECCW Tag Team Champion, 2009 Pacific Cup Champion, 7x ECCW Match Of The Year Award, 6x ECCW Wrestler Of The Year Award, and 6x ECCW Most Popular Wrestler Of The Year Award.

On September 24th in St. Albert/Edmonton and September 25th El Phantasmo debuts for CWE decorated as one of the most successful British Columbia wrestlers of this millennium and will now try and extend his legacy in Canada’s most active organization and in a locker room over flowing with the best competitors on the continent.

Welcome to CWE El Phantasmo!

Stay posted to for information on who El Phantasmo will be in action against on both events!



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