CWE “Cloudy Daze” Results

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite action was presented free of charge to the City Of Winnipeg today by official sponsor and urban thrift shop Cloudy Daze this afternoon. Here is what took place on this hot summer day!

1) “Big Sexy Beast” AJ Sanchez pinned “Misfit” Mike Mission.

2) Manitoba Wrestling Icon “Playboy” Will Damon hosted “The Player’s Club” with special guest “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews. The interview ended with the two getting very heated with each other and Matthew’s hitting Damon in the mid section with his cane.

3) TV Champion “The Rebel” Bobby Collins retained his title against “A-List” Anderson Tyson Moore with a school boy.

4) “The Tattooed Terminator” Darren Dalton defeated CANNIBAL.

5) “Hotshot” Danny Duggan was victorious over “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews. With the referee down Matthews looked to utilize his cane again which was stopped before it could happen by Will Damon allowing Duggan to score the win. After the match Matthews confronted Damon and was hit with his own cane.

6) CWE Tag Team Champions M-Max held onto their titles in their defense against The Saints of Los Angeles.

7) CWE Heavyweight Champion “The Pissed Off Pitbull” Robby Royce overcame the 400 plus pound “Big” Cliff Corleone to retain his championship.

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