CWE TV Episode 42

We are less then one week away from CWE’s End Of The Road in Winnipeg, Manitoba and on this week’s episode we take a look at some more matches you can expect to see this Friday night.

This week’s episode of CWE TV is hosted by Power 97’s Vicki Shae and we take an in depth look at,

– The CWE return of Val Venis, including the first time airing of Val’s CWE debut in 2009 as he squared off with Jon Cutler and Shane Madison in a triple threat match.

– The rise of Val Venis’ opponent, Heavy Metal in CWE including his most recent battle with High Impact Wrestling’s King Kash.

– Part 3 of 3 of the sit down interview between “Hotshot” Danny Duggan and “The Mecca” Shane Madison

– A look at the special tag team showdown between CWE Champion “The Pissed Off Pitbull” Robby Royce & “The Tattooed Terminator” Darren Dalton as they challenge The Sons of Anarchy including a replay of the professional wrestling’s first ever Lumberjack Ladder match

Plus much more!

A new episode of CWE TV can be seen every Friday night at 9:30pm Central Canadian time with the replay airing Saturday at 9:30pm and the following Wednesday at 9:30pm.

Across Canada on Bell ExpressVu Channel 592

Across Manitoba on MTS Channel 30

And streaming live across the world on the internet on

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