Double Main Event Headlines 8th Anniversary Tour In Winnipeg

CWE returns home on the 8th Anniversary Tour on May 5th when we roll into Winnipeg, Manitoba and this event features a huge double main event you won’t find anywhere else in the country!

CWE Championship Match
CWE Champion “Outlaw” Adam Knight vs. 2017 Rumble To Remember Winner “Wrestling’s Strongest Man” Tyler Colton

This is literally the biggest main event in the history of Canadian Wrestling’s Elite. The 2.5 year undefeated CWE Champion Adam Knight battles arguably the most dominant man in the history of the company in Tyler Colton.

These two titans will battle it out for the biggest prize in Canadian wrestling in a first time ever encounter where one man will have to budge.

Adam Knight has wrecked everyone in his path regardless of size or status and Tyler Colton, homegrown by CWE has developed into the biggest prospect in Canadian wrestling.

Tyler Colton earned himself a title shot by winning the Rumble To Remember much like he did at the 7th Anniversary show where he came up short against Anderson Tyson Moore who would later go on to lose the title to Adam Knight , the current champion.

A lot has changed in a year as Tyler Colton refocused and he became a national strongman champion and one of the strongest competitors to ever step foot in a ring. His new skill set will be highly required if he stands any chance of walking out with the gold this year!

No Time Limit, No Countout, No Disqualification
“A-List” Anderson Tyson Moore vs. New Japan Pro Wrestling Star & The Bullet Club’s “Crown Jewel” Chase Owens

If you want to talk about success, ATM is hands down the most decorated star in CWE history. The grand slam champion had one of the most successful title reigns in CWE history and many would argue the only reason he isn’t the champion today is because the thorn in his side that is Chase Owens.

As champion ATM couldn’t be touched. “The Bad Boy” beat every challenger in his path but he just couldn’t seem to put away Chase Owens. In their multiple battles over the CWE Championship there was never a decisive winner which grew Owens’ ego even larger that the champion couldn’t beat him.

This rivalry got personal quickly and as a result ATM’s title would be lost in a 4-Way Tables, Ladders, And Chairs Match after the hatred between Owens and him got so intense they took each other out of contention allowing for a new champion to be crowned. When ATM had his mandatory rematch and looked like he was going to finally slay the beast that is Adam Knight “The Crown Jewel” ensured that accomplishment didn’t happen either.

On May 5th, no time limit, no count outs, no disqualification, there must be a winner as we find out who the better man is once and for all!

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