“First All Star” Brian Rich Returns To Canadian Wrestling’s Elite

After a two year hiatus Canadian Wrestling’s Elite has come to terms for the CWE return of CWE original, “The First All Star” Brian Rich!

RichIn 2009 a rapping spoiled kid from the suburbs graced CWE in its infant years and from 2009-2014 he developed as a man and performer. Due to differences between management and Rich in August 2014 a decision was made to part ways but it wasn’t the end of “The First All Star”.

Brian Rich left CWE a social media sensation from his time traveled with fellow CWE star “Hotshot” Danny Duggan and at the height of his wrestling game. Management felt he had more maturing to do as a man to break his mold in CWE and that is something Brian Rich took extremely seriously.

Upon his CWE departure Brian Rich would continue to wrestle in Saskatchewan and Alberta and as far as Florida for smaller organizations developing his in ring craft while personally he made strides as a man, getting married, becoming a more involved father, working within the community and with the government to help the less fortunate.

Brian Rich has relocated to Westman, Manitoba and Canadian Wrestling’s Elite has made Westman a regular stop on the CWE schedule and the stars have aligned for “The First All Star” to step back in a CWE ring for CWE’s debut event in Reston, Manitoba on September 27th and CWE’s return to Brandon, Manitoba on September 28th.

Be there live to see “The First All Star” receive his “second chance” at competing as elite!

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