Heated Rivalry Comes To An End Oct 11th

“The Rebel” Bobby Collins vs. “The German Juggernaut” Moses Luke w/Ava

With each and every day we draw closer to CWE’s return to Winnipeg on October 11th the more fuel there is to throw on the fire of an already sizzling hot event.

Two of CWE’s most heated rivals in 2013 look to put an end to their bitter rivalry, one that arguably cost Bobby Collins the TV Title. Moses Luke returned to CWE with intentions unknown to everyone but upon his return very quickly associated himself with The Sons Of Anarchy.

As Bobby Collins looked to assist in former rival Billy Blaze’s fight with his former running mates he was then targeted by their “striker: Moses Luke who has unleashed some violent attack on the much smaller Collins.

As Collins was defending his TV title against Anderson Tyson Moore it was assumed he was safe from an attack from Luke with him “taking care of business” in his home country of Germany. Even in his absence “The German Juggernaut” struck with his associates The SOA sticking their nose in the match allowing for ATM to steal the win and championship.

“The Rebel” looks to avenge both losses, first in Neepawa on the 10th against ATM in a TV title match and if he is to win he will then return to Winnipeg to defend the title against the man who had his hand in costing him the title in the first place, Moses Luke.

Two grizzled veterans will get down and dirty as they prepare for an all out fight on October 11th in Winnipeg!

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