Heated Rivalry Comes To Ile Des Chenes Dec 13th

Heated Rivalry Comes To Ile Des Chenes Dec 13th.

“First All Star” Brian Rich vs. 2016 Super Jobber Tasty Travis
Respect goes a long way in professional wrestling and Tasty Travis has shown absolutely none to Brian Rich since he has returned to CWE although “The First All Star” has done nothing but try and help the man who refers to himself as Tasty.
Sadly that is a common trend in the story that is Tasty Travis as he has ignored and disrespected anyone and everyone who has tried to help him because “yeah but, I was trained by Lance Storm”. This situation is a lot different though as Brian Rich was exactly where Travis once was in terms of his perception in the business and position in it.
Luckily Brian Rich overcame his immaturity and was able to come back a better wrestler and an important part of the CWE team. The jury is still out on if Tasty Travis will do the same or is a lost cause although most have their opinions.
Brian Rich hasn’t been verbally able to teach Tasty Travis some respect so he is attempting to do it the “hard way” in terms of physicality!
On Ile Des Chenes the next chapter in this storied saga continues but will it be the end!

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