Huge First Time Encounter Signed For Moosomin Return.


“Hotshot” Danny Duggan w/WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. “The Prince Of All Cruiserweights” Joseph A’Gau

CWE debuted in Moosomin this past January on The New Heights Tour to great success and we’re coming back with an even bigger event on April 28th!

One of the big attractions on this tour is the Canadian wrestling debut of Southeast wrestling star “The Prince Of All Cruiserweights” Joseph A’Gau. The pupil of the legendary Steve Corino is coming to Canada and he is coming to win and he has an opportunity to win big in Moosomin as he competes against 3x CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan.

This match is not only a first time ever encounter featuring two of independents wrestling’s brightest and most active stars but a very unique one in the sense there is a distinct size and style difference between the two which should make for a very interesting dynamic.

Joseph A’Gau is “The Prince Of All Cruiserweights” but in Moosomin he will be wrestling a man many regard as the top heavyweight competitor in the country. It is said size doesn’t matter and that very well may be the case here as A’Gau’s speed, agility, and technique is incredibly advanced and if the match is planned properly one would have to assume A’Gau although giving up a lot of size has a distinct speed and conditioning advantage.

“Hotshot” Danny Duggan is looking to recapture his spot on top of the CWE mountain under the guidance of WWE Legend Paul Orndorff and with the company full of some of the top junior heavyweight/cruiserweight competitors on the planet regularly coming through its door it will be important to succeed against their more progressive fast past style.

Fans of Moosomin will get the pleasure of seeing this match for the first time ever!

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