Huge Main Event Signed For Friday Night Fallout

Huge Main Event Signed For Friday Night Fallout

“Fabulous Creebird” Kevy Chevy vs. 2017 Elite 8 Winner & The Bullet Club’s “Crown Jewel” Chase Owens

Friday night CWE returns to Rookie’s Sports Bar  and the main event will feature Piledriver vs. Piledriver as Kevy Chevy and his running Piledriver battles Chase Owens and his package Piledriver!

Fresh off winning the 2017 Elite 8 Tournament Chase Owens returns to CWE for a rare Rookie’s Sports Bar appearance on Friday night against the one man who arguably stole his thunder Friday night with the death defying piledriver off a ladder through a table on Nate Hardy that may have ended his career in Kevy Chevy.

During his entire CWE career Chase Owens has been nearly flawless in singles action. One glitch on that impressive record is a loss to Chevy a year ago in Gladstone that ended with a very controversial 3 count. The egotistical Owens refuses to acknowledge the loss and now has an opportunity to right the wrong.

Kevy Chevy has been competing with a fire and passion not seen in sometime and claims he is more focused than ever to capture the top spot in CWE that has alluded him since CWE’s inception.

Friday night Kevy Chevy has the chance to prove any doubters or critics wrong and that he is finally ready to be the star he’s always been told he has the potential to be!



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