MAJOR CWE Tag Team Title Match Signed For Nov 24th.

 MAJOR CWE Tag Team Title Match Signed For Nov 24th.
CWE Tag Team Championship Match
CWE Tag Team Champions The Cannon Clan (“The Crazed Cowboy” Jacob Creed & “The Rebel” Bobby Collins) vs. WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas & DRAGNEEL
Canadian Wrestling’s Elite’s locker room is at a level of tension never seen before. With most wrestlers typically focused on a championship or personal feud with one competitor 2017 has seen all out chaos of intertwined feuds and rivalries.
The super power that is The Cannon Clan based on their beliefs alone have made enemies with the entire locker room and has seen a lot of unlikely alliances formed to try and counter act the strength in numbers that typically leads to The Clan’s success.
One of the unlikely alliances has been formed for November 24th’s Spin The Wheel Make The Deal event as DRAGNEEL who has a hit list within The Cannon Clan is working his way through the entire group to get himself a match with Kevin Cannon.
With Rob Stardom being the last man he has to defeat to get his one on one match with Kevin Cannon being scheduled in a match with Big V on this card management has rewarded DRAGNEEL with a title opportunity seeing he has beat both Creed and Collins in singles matches recently.
DRAGNEEL has pulled some strings in what has been rumored to be him contacting the iconic former WWF Tag Team Champion Tony Atlas with footage of not only the assault The Clan committed on his mother and himself but the the highly controversial race war The Cannon Clan has been waging against anyone they feel they need to wipe out.
With the legendary Tony Atlas breaking so many barriers in the wrestling business as a star black competitor he was very quick to sign the contract as he made it clear he will not stand for that in any locker room he is in or anywhere in general in 2017.
DRAGNEEL looks to score the biggest win of his career and capture his first title and what a memory that will be if he does it with Tony Atlas by his side!
To up the ante this match will be contested under Spin The Wheel Make The Deal so the stipulation will be decided seconds before the bell!

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