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The small town of Reston, Manitoba shocked Canadian Wrestling’s Elite with an absolutely packed house for CWE’s debut event there in September bringing in just as many fans as some of the major cities on the tour.
CWE returns on May 1st and a big tag team match has been signed that promises to Reston rocking once again!
“Hotshot” Danny Duggan under the guidance of WWE Legend “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff will team All Japan Pro Wrestling Alumni & multiple time Border City Wrestling Champion Phil Atlas to challenge the young duo of Kody Lane & Travis Cole.
“Tasty” Travis Cole & Kody Lane appeared to hit it off quite well on the road together on The New Heights Tour with Travis Cole very obviously getting very giddy around Kody in the locker room and to the point of bushing when Kody would look in his direction. This strange man crush has gone from them rooming together on the road to putting their name in the running for tag team competition
The two have chemistry outside the ring but they will need chemistry in it as they take on two Canadian wrestling veterans who vastly out experience them. Being successful in singles action is a lot more challenging then the tag team division and given the fact Duggan and Atlas have never teamed up before there may be a bit of a learning curve.
Four of the 8th Anniversary Tour’s most exciting athlete will do what they do best May 1st in Reston!



On The New Heights Tour “Tornado” Tony Kozina hosted an open training camp for top prospects from around the world to sit under his learning tree and compete for a spot in Canadian Wrestling’s Elite. One of those men was Kody Lane from Austin, Texas who took the opportunity and the ball and scored a touchdown with it resulting in a return i…nvitation to Canadian Wrestling’s Elite.

The natural wrestling talent showed incredible raw talent and potential competing against some of the top wrestlers from around the world accumulated on the tour and will now return as a member of the CWE roster.

One of his most impressive outings was against “Hotshot” Danny Duggan in Virden, Manitoba where he took the Canadian veteran to the limit. Now that he has earned a spot on the roster he is returning to climb the CWE ladder and has personally requested a rematch against a man looking to re climb the same ladder.

In an ironic twist Kody Lane was learning under Tony Kozina to earn a spot in CWE while on this tour Danny Duggan is learning under the iconic Paul Orndorff in hopes to get back to the same place Kody wants to get to eventually as well.

Nothing creates pressure like positioning on the pecking order and the pressure will turned right up in Yorkton on April 29th!


“Hotshot” Danny Duggan w/WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. “The Prince Of All Cruiserweights” Joseph A’Gau

CWE debuted in Moosomin this past January on The New Heights Tour to great success and we’re coming back with an even bigger event on April 28th!

One of the big attractions on this tour is the Canadian wrestling debut of Southeast wrestling star “The Prince Of All Cruiserweights” Joseph A’Gau. The pupil of the legendary Steve Corino is coming to Canada and he is coming to win and he has an opportunity to win big in Moosomin as he competes against 3x CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan.

This match is not only a first time ever encounter featuring two of independents wrestling’s brightest and most active stars but a very unique one in the sense there is a distinct size and style difference between the two which should make for a very interesting dynamic.

Joseph A’Gau is “The Prince Of All Cruiserweights” but in Moosomin he will be wrestling a man many regard as the top heavyweight competitor in the country. It is said size doesn’t matter and that very well may be the case here as A’Gau’s speed, agility, and technique is incredibly advanced and if the match is planned properly one would have to assume A’Gau although giving up a lot of size has a distinct speed and conditioning advantage.

“Hotshot” Danny Duggan is looking to recapture his spot on top of the CWE mountain under the guidance of WWE Legend Paul Orndorff and with the company full of some of the top junior heavyweight/cruiserweight competitors on the planet regularly coming through its door it will be important to succeed against their more progressive fast past style.

Fans of Moosomin will get the pleasure of seeing this match for the first time ever!


It is crazy to think in the small world of Canadian wrestling that these two ring veterans have yet to cross paths inside the squared circle but that will all change Wednesday, April 26th when Canadian Wrestling’s Elite returns to Medicine Hat.

Just a few provinces a part “Hotshot” Danny Duggan and Kyle Sebastian although have two completely different resumes have traveled many of the same roads at the different times.

Both men highly regarded in the top tier of Canadian wrestling have been highly decorated performers in their home region, were showcased stars in the short lived CNWA, have both bettered themselves at Harley Race’s annual training camp, and have both competed for the same company in Japan.

On April 26th these two top Canadian stars will tango for the first time as Kyle Sebastian debuts for CWE on this night, a feat long overdue and Danny Duggan looks to try and not only maintain his spot but reclaim his position in the company with “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff in his corner.

Medicine Hat wrestling fans will truly be treated to something special on this night!


Hotshot” Danny Duggan w/WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. “Tasty” Travis Cole

If you asked Danny Duggan who the one man he hated more than any other in professional wrestling the answer would be “Tasty” Travis Cole.

For those that follow the two on social media see a constant war of words, insults, and attempts for laugh at the other’s expense but it wasn’t always that way.

A young Travis Cole moved his life from Calgary to Winnipeg to pursue his dream of professional wrestling and wrestle more regularly for Canadian Wrestling’s Elite. The door was opened and an opportunity was granted and “Hotshot” Danny Duggan personally took Cole under his wing both in the CWE locker room and across North America garnering the youngster opportunity many would argue he didn’t quite deserve just yet.

With Duggan relating to the young Cole as he spent most of his youth on the road trying to learn the business he tried to create the same environment for Cole who seemed sincere in wanting to learn and better himself.

Unfortunately that wasn’t quite the case as “Tasty” Travis Cole proved to be a master manipulator. Cole garnered opportunity through Duggan, something he was very happy to get but he wasn’t so happy to take hours and hours of feedback or advice on the road Duggan gave in attempt to better him professionally.

Originally trained by Lance Storm, “Tasty” Travis Cole already had all the answers and it became quite clear he was simply using this “mentoring” to get his foot in the door in new promotions across the continent he can then try and get Duggan out of.

The supposed nice, young man from Calgary just happy to have an opportunity who would ask questions to try and get better and would follow the “young boy” protocol very quickly got comfortable and went from taking advice and setting up merchandise upon arrival at events to becoming very self entitled, arguing every criticism and bit of advice, to trying to make trips about his personal agenda, and refusing to put in the work asked of him to get better in the way he was being asked.

As the disrespectful youngster became “Tasty” his ego became completely out of control and he self proclaimed himself a major drawing star everywhere the duo went. Duggan eventually had to cut ties with Cole to let him sink and swim on his own. Not having his life jacket any longer Cole spun out of control and was reported as living in his van.

Regardless if that is true or not, one thing is for certain “Tasty” Travis Cole’s ego and sense of entitlement has grown out of control. From his on going personal feud with Brian Rich over respect, to refusing to wrestle on a recent event because “just competing in a battle royal” was beneath him, to citing himself more valuable to CWE and deserving of a spot than CWE original and current TV Champion Tommy Lee Curtis there seems to be no low Travis Cole won’t stoop to in attempt to put himself over at someone else’s expense.

On April 25th this broken teacher/student relationship comes to a head as “Tasty” Travis Cole has the opportunity to validate all of his self serving claims and uncontrollable ego by defeating the man he pretended to respect for 2 years. All while “Hotshot” Danny Duggan tries to beat respect him into him and relaunch his CWE career with WWE Legend “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff by his side!


“Hotshot” Danny Duggan w/WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. K-dos

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite is the land of opportunity and an opportunity is exactly what K-dos will receive on his first Canadian wrestling tour in Red Deer on April 24th.

From the Midwest to Western Canada the well traveled star out of Kansas will compete against 3x CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan in what will be a true measuring stick of k-dos’ abilities in Canadian Wrestling’s Elite.

This will be CWE’s first event in Red Deer in nearly two years and both men are going into this match with the same objective but with different purpose. Danny Duggan is looking to regain momentum of the past and get on top of the CWE mountain where K-dos is looking to earn a full time spot with the company.

Both men’s purposes drastically affect the other as K-dos wants a spot with the company and Danny Duggan looks to maintain one on top of the organization.

This is a first time match up you do not want to miss!




“Hotshot” Danny Duggan w/WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. William Saint

As Canadian Wrestling’s Elite becomes a more active and bigger force across the province of Alberta more and more of the province’s top stars are taking the leap to compete against the elite and test their abilities against the top stars from around the world assembled in the CWE locker room.

On Sunday, April 23rd William Saint brings his hit hard hitting, smash mouth style of professional wrestling to the land of the elite and will square off against Canadian wrestling sensation and 3x CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan.

This will be the first time these two Canadian standouts have ever competed against each in singles competition making for a fresh first time ever can’t miss match up.

William Saint is regarded as one of the very best in the province of Alberta and will be looking at making a great first impression in terms of setting an example for the CWE locker room and the fans in attendance while “Hotshot” Danny Duggan under the guidance of WWE Legend Paul Orndorff is looking to reclaim his spot on top of the CWE mountain he once held but no more.

Sunday, April 23rd professional wrestling at its finest will be on full display!


CWE Originals’ 8 Year Bitter Feud Comes To Saskatoon.

“Hotshot” Danny Duggan w/WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. “The Canadian Crusher” AJ Sanchez

There are very few men in not just CWE but in all of professional wrestling who have carried on hatred and dislike for each other as long as “Hotshot” Danny Duggan and “The Canadian Crusher” AJ Sanchez.

These two former CWE Champions and Tag Team Champion holders have been feuding through almost the entirety of their time in CWE culminating in some of the biggest and best matches the company has ever produced but it began way before that..

Meeting each other for the first time as young teenagers in the early 2000s in the then very popular backyard wrestling circuit they would go their separate ways until just a short time later they would bump into each other in the pro ranks as they both took their childhood dream and made it a reality and began competing professionally.

Barely a year a part in age they came up in the business together and as a result a rivalry developed very early that would see them become bitter enemies early in their career in matches that spanned across Canada and the United States both as singles competitors and in tag team action while heavily active in the tag division over a decade ago with different respective partners.

Not only competing against each other for opportunity they were competing against a then stacked territory full of established veterans so both men always went above and beyond the call of duty to steal the show and rise through the ranks of Canadian wrestling.

It was only natural they would square off again when CWE came to fruition over 8 years ago and their professional and personal relationships have taken severe and harsh turns over that time. So much at one point AJ Sanchez was blackballed from the company because the two couldn’t be in the same building as each other without a violent encounter breaking out.

AJ Sanchez has since returned to the company and has been beyond vocal. To the point of physically costing Duggan the Global Force Wrestling World Championship in September and letting Duggan know he hasn’t forgotten about his two year “vacation” nor what he has done to get the company where it is today and he’ll be damned if Duggan gets the glory he feels he rightfully deserves.

In January Saskatoon was caught up to what the rest of Central and Western Canada had been getting, the elite of Canadian wrestling and afar. Blown away by the caliber of event they witnessed many fans in attendance sighted it was what CWE said it would be, “the best show they had ever seen in Saskatoon”. Well, you haven’t seen anything yet.

8 years of hatred, resentment, jealousy, and so much more comes to a head in Saskatoon when “Hotshot” Danny Duggan and “The Canadian Crusher” AJ Sanchez lock up in Saskatoon for the first time ever! To make matters more interesting “Hotshot” Danny Duggan will have the guidance of WWE Legend “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff in his corner!


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“Hotshot” Danny Duggan w/WWE Legend “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. The Big Chief w/Crazyhorse

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite has quickly turned Prince Albert, Saskatchewan into a professional wrestling hotbed and is kicking off the 8th Anniversary there on April 21st.

It was just announced today by “Hotshot” Danny Duggan that he has acquired the guidance of WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff to help put him back on the winning track in Canadian Wrestling’s Elite. Unfortunately that effort may be derailed right out of the gate as Duggan battles the 400 plus pound monster The Big Chief!

The destructive Saskatchewan wrestling veteran has been one of the most dominating stars over the past two decades in his home province and he will look to add another casualty to his long list of victims in 3x CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan.

Crazyhorse, the man in the corner of The Big Chief on this night is not afraid to get involved in the action as we saw on The Hew Heights Tour. Crazyhorse blew fire into the face of one of Duggan’s partners in 6 man tag action on the last Prince Albert event which quite arguably led to that match being won by Crazyhorse’s team that night.

Getting involved on this night may not be the best of ideas with “Mr. Wonderful” in the corner of Danny Duggan. Although long retired from the ring he is still one of the toughest to ever step foot in the squared circle and you better believe he won’t be backing down from Crazyhorse or The Chief if confronted!

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