New Faces To CWE Showcased In Prince Albert Apr 21st

There are a lot of new faces joining some familiar ones on CWE’s 8th Anniversary Tour and a lot of those new faces will be showcased on night one of the 16 event tour to see what they got right out the gate!

All Japan Pro Wrestling Alumni Phil Atlas & Shane Sabre vs. Kody Lane & Travis Cole

Phil Atlas returns to Canadian Wrestling’s Elite for the first time in 7 years and if you thought he was good then prepare to have your mind blown with the man regarded by many as eastern Canada’s elite athlete. He teams with fellow Ontario native Shane Sabre who has become CWE’s breakout star to finish off 2016 and start 2017,

Shane Sabre is touring CWE early in his career much like Phil Atlas did before Atlas went on to become a huge international star something that is only a matter of time for Shane Sabre as well.

These two Ontario boys will have to hope they have instant chemistry as Kody Lane and Travis Cole did the first time they got together and we are not just sure that’s only in the ring.

Travis Cole has been struggling his entire life to find his identity but he appears more comfortable than ever with Kody Lane by his side. The young stallion from Texas returns for his second CWE tour after being a standout of Tony Kozina’s training program on The New Heights Tour and now looks to solidify the spot he recent earned!

Ethan Price vs. “The Prince Of The Cruiserweights” Joseph A’Gau

Much like Kody Lane on The New Heights Tour Ethan Price is coming to CWE from Texas looking to learn, looking for opportunity, and looking for a full time CWE roster spot. The newcomer to the wrestling industry will be tested to the fullest on night one as he challenges the also debuting Joseph A’Gau from North Carolina.

“The Prince Of The Cruiserweights” isn’t coming to CWE to be another face in the crowd but with very high expectations from managements to be a major money player for the organization. April 21st in Prince Albert we will see if he lives up to the hype when he battles the young and optimistic Ethan Price!

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