New Rumble To Remember Announcements

ROH Star Sets Sights On CWE Championship & Rumble To Remember.

Fresh off announcing the official inked return dates and official debut of Ring Of Honor super heavyweight The Beer City Bruiser it is now also finalized he will compete in the Rumble To Remember!

January 20th marks the date that the annual event and biggest “Rumble” in professional wrestling goes down as 50 competitors of all backgrounds and experience levels compete for a spot in the main event of the 8thAnniversary event and for the CWE Championship!

The Beer City Bruiser has been a hot addition to an already stacked CWE roster and he has made it very clear he isn’t coming to be “one and done” but become a regular on the CWE roster much like his partner Silas Young and the likes of Jason Kincaid and Chase Owens have.

The best way to ensure a CWE return in the very near future is first winning the Rumble To Remember and secondly capturing the CWE Championship. He has a chance to move in that direction in his Winnipeg wrestling debut on January 20th.

As one of the largest active competitors in professional wrestling and in the CWE locker room The Bruiser has a distinct size advantage to allow this to be a good possibility.

Nothing makes The Beer City Bruiser happier than drinking beer and punching mouths and there will be 49 of them to punch in The Rumble To Remember!


Wrestling’s Hottest Free Agent Signed For Wrestling’s Biggest Rumble.

The wrestling World has been in a frenzy since it has announced that Ring Of Honor star ACH is soon to become a free agent and as one of the most exciting wrestlers on the planet everyone is eager to see where he might end up and a whole batch of new potential match ups across the World.

One thing is for certain, ACH is coming to Canadian Wrestling’s Elite for 12 events in 12 days January 10th-21st and although no official matches have been announced for the tour yet it is confirmed that the high flying sensation will enter the biggest “Rumble” in all of professional wrestling, the 50 Man Rumble To Remember!

CWE is a haven for the top stars on the continent and wrestling fans are very excited about all the potential match ups for ACH on his tour in January. However if ACH is victorious January 20th in Winnipeg in the Rumble To Remember he will return to CWE for the 8th Anniversary Tour to compete for the CWE Championship.

With ACH looking for a new home in the wrestling World will his success January 20th make his new home CWE?


CWE Icon Returns Home To A Hero’s Welcome At The Rumble To Remember.

As the annual 50 man Rumble To Remember shapes up to be the most stacked one of all time on January 20th in Winnipeg business has officially picked up with the official entry of CWE Icon “The Zombie Hunter” MENTALLO!

For the first time in over 2 years the man who headlined CWE’s first ever show against former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, is a former CWE Champion, & CWE Tag Team Champion MENTALLO returns home to a hero’s welcome as he looks to recapture his past successes and the same successes that have cemented his legacy in Canadian wrestling.

As one of the all time greatest performers not only in the history of CWE but Canada as a whole MENTALLO was a featured star performer for the first 6 years of the company’s existence before management and himself decided a break was needed as he had literally had accomplished everything in the company and the platform was needed for new stars to develop.

Countless new stars have developed since his departure creating a lot of brand new first time and fresh feuds and matches for the man who helped put CWE on the map.

The best and fastest way for MENTALLO to recapture his spot on top of the CWE mountain is to do one rare thing he hasn’t done in Canadian Wrestling’s Elite and that’s win the Rumble To Remember and guarantee himself a shot at recapturing the CWE Championship at the 8th Anniversary show!


The King Of The Canadian Battle Royal Returns At R2R.

It was two years ago at this very event that Canadian wrestling veteran “The Tattooed Terminator” Darren Dalton was forced to retire after putting the CWE Tag Team Championships on the line in an open challenge. After years of The Peg City Punishers destroying everyone on the roster no one would step up to the plate so the man known to many as “The Bomb” sweetened the pot and put his career on the line as well.

Unfortunately for the near 20 year veteran luck would strike for his opponents that night and he would be forced into retirement a move he has regretted to this day.

Although he has made many requests to return management has felt that it was important to uphold the stipulation in a day where wrestling promoters use stipulations as false promotion hype all too often.

However management does believe in opportunity and with Darren Dalton carrying championships for the organization and being a headlining star in Manitoba for nearly two decades he is being granted just that, an opportunity.

“The Tattooed Terminator” Darren Dalton will return for one night only on January 20th with the hopes of winning the illustrious 50 man Rumble To Remember and earn himself an opportunity at the CWE Championship in the main event of the 8th Anniversary show.

Interesting motivation other than earning his spot back is the current CWE Champion “Outlaw” Adam Knight and him have a long storied history in the province of Manitoba on the marquee together as tag team partners and as opponents which would make for one historic main event if Dalton can overcome 49 other “greenhorns” as he calls them on his way to a CWE Championship match.


Most Dominant CWE Champion In CWE History Returns At R2R.

Less than an hour ago the wrestling World was shocked by the most dominant victory in pay per view main event history after Goldberg defeated the monster Brock Lesnar in just a matter of minutes.

CWE management can now reveal that you very well may see the same kind of domination on January 20th in the Rumble To Remember with the in ring return of “Bring The Pain” Matt Fairlane!

Although he doesn’t have the longest reign in the lineage pf the CWE Championship many consider him the most dominate CWE Champion of all time for the sheer destruction he caused on his road to the CWE Championship and his reign afterwards.

After turning his back on his then partner Bobby Fox with a crushing chair shot followed by a piledriver on the same chair Matt Fairane went on a year plus undefeated streak that would see him capturing the CWE Championship from “Hotshot” Danny Duggan in one of the most brutal matches in CWE history.

“The Alpha Male” of the CWE lockerroom destroyed many wrestling veterans including Val Venis and Tito Santana and a long list of others with the his feared piledriver on a personalized chair that shortened many of men’s careers.

After a long hiatus to allow his near career ending back injury recover Matt Fairlane has contacted CWE management and has said he is training harder than he was when champion and ready to be the king of the jungle once again.

It may be a completely different locker room than when Fairlane last competed in CWE but one thing that is completely the same is he still fears no man and has zero issue hurting any man to get what he wants.

49 other competitors have been officially put on notice!

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