Newfoundland’s Top Star Debuts On “It’s Not My Fault Tour”‏

Mr. Fantastic joins 'It's Not My Fault Tour'Canadian Wrestling’s Elite continues to be the melting pot of North American wrestling with yet another region’s top stars set to step foot in Manitoba for the very first time apart of the “It’s Not My Fault Tour” October 10th-12th.

On these three events CWE fans will be treated to the CWE and Western Canadian debut of Mr. Fantastic. The masked superstar is the face or rather, mask of Legend City Wrestling in Newfoundland. The east coast touring company and Mr. Fantastic can be seen every Saturday across Canada on NTV.

Closing in on only his third year as a pro Mr. Fantastic has quickly become one of the most adored stars in the history of Newfoundland wrestling. With top trials and tribulations against the likes of former WWE stars Rhyno, the giant Kurrgan, and “Highlander” Robber MacCallister he has quickly proven to be a contender to any top opponent he is faced with.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see one of the East Coast’s top stars live in a CWE ring!

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