Really Exciting Tag Team Action Signed For Reston

The small town of Reston, Manitoba shocked Canadian Wrestling’s Elite with an absolutely packed house for CWE’s debut event there in September bringing in just as many fans as some of the major cities on the tour.
CWE returns on May 1st and a big tag team match has been signed that promises to Reston rocking once again!
“Hotshot” Danny Duggan under the guidance of WWE Legend “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff will team All Japan Pro Wrestling Alumni & multiple time Border City Wrestling Champion Phil Atlas to challenge the young duo of Kody Lane & Travis Cole.
“Tasty” Travis Cole & Kody Lane appeared to hit it off quite well on the road together on The New Heights Tour with Travis Cole very obviously getting very giddy around Kody in the locker room and to the point of bushing when Kody would look in his direction. This strange man crush has gone from them rooming together on the road to putting their name in the running for tag team competition
The two have chemistry outside the ring but they will need chemistry in it as they take on two Canadian wrestling veterans who vastly out experience them. Being successful in singles action is a lot more challenging then the tag team division and given the fact Duggan and Atlas have never teamed up before there may be a bit of a learning curve.
Four of the 8th Anniversary Tour’s most exciting athlete will do what they do best May 1st in Reston!

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