Rematch Of Biggest Main Event In CWE History Signed For New Horizons.

Rematch Of Biggest Main Event In CWE History Signed For New Horizons.

CWE Championship Match

CWE Champion “Wrestling’s Strongest Man” ¬†Tyler Colton vs. “Outlaw” Adam Knight

The 8th Anniversary Spectacular proved to be a true turning of the guard in Canadian wrestling as Tyler Colton slayed the beast that is Adam Knight and his two and a half year undefeated streak to capture his first CWE Championship.

Arguably as shocking as the victory was the fashion in which it happened that still has people talking a month later.

It appeared to be wash, rinse, repeat for Adam Knight as he quickly gained control of the match as what has become expected and leveled the challenger with a lariat and powerbomb. What happened next was completely unexpected as Tyler Colton appeared to not be phased in the least and rose to his feet as Knight pandered to the crowd and returned the same powerbomb to Knight in what was the first time the move has ever been executed on the 20 year veteran to capture the title in mere minutes.

We would learn after that Colton sure did feel the effects of the gonzo style powerbomb on top of his head suffering a severe concussion and a spinal injury. It now has to be questioned if Colton is legitimately that tough or was strictly running on adrenaline and instinct when he rose to his feet after the maneuver or a combination of the two.

On July 22nd these two titans collide once more to erase any doubt or speculation on how and why their initial meeting went down the way it did as they both look to lay claim to the most sought after title in Canadian wrestling.



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