Retribution In Regina



“Hotshot” Danny Duggan w/WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. CWE Tag Team Champion “The Crazed Cowboy” Jacob Creed

It was back in September when The Cannon Clan became stronger than ever as Jacob Creed turned on “Hotshot” Danny Duggan and joined the heated group. Duggan has been at extreme war with all members of the group ever since.

At CWE’s last event in Regina “The Crazed Cowboy” let fans know CWE was his new home in Regina and as a result The Cannon Clan was stronger than ever in the city. Danny Duggan and Shane Sabre battled Creed and Bobby Collins and when it looked like they were going to get some retribution a very familiar face, or mask if you will made a high impact in assisting Creed and Collins with the win,

Fast forward to a month ago and Danny Duggan and CWE Grand Slam Winner ATM captured the CWE Tag Team Titles from The Cannon Clan in a huge upset in Fannystelle, Manitoba only to lose them a week ago at The King Of Transcona to the new crowned duo of Bobby Collins and you guessed it, Jacob Creed.

This past Saturday at a Canadian Wrestling Association, a sister promotion of CWE Danny Duggan battled Bobby Collins for his CWA Championship and had the match won as the fans counted three while the referee readjusted a turnbuckle. This allowed Jacob Creed yet again to stick his nose in the match and assist Collins with the win costing Duggan yet another championship.

On Thursday, April 27th in Regina it will be one on one. “Hotshot” Danny Duggan with WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. “The Crazed Cowboy” Jacob Creed as they try and settle their differences once and for all.

Will Creed fight alone or can we expect another one of his “old friends” to make a surprise appearance in Regina? We will find out soon enough!

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