Team Ontario Goes For Gold

The Toronto Maples Leafs are actively trying to break the most talked about drought in sports history and win this year’s Stanley Cup. On April 30th the Leafs won’t be the only Ontario based team going for gold as the two hottest competitors in Ontario wrestling go for CWE gold as well!

Shane Sabre and Phil Atlas join forces to create an Ontario indy wrestling dream team and battle The Cannon Clan as they look to bring home some gold.

The Cannon Clan has the perfect combination of size and experience in their back pocket making them a grueling team to compete against. Factor in Kevin Cannon and the two hottest stars in Ontario quickly look like the underdogs!

Roy “Flash” Gordon vs. “The Prince Of All Cruiserweights” Joseph A’Gau

CWE has truly raised the bar over the last year with some of the most athletic contests ever produced by the company as the progressive style sweeping the world of wrestling has definitely begun sweeping through CWE as well.

Roy Gordon and Joseph A’Gau are fine examples of two of the most athletic and exciting athletes competing today and on April 30th they will battle each other for the first time

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