The Scariest Face In All of Pro Wrestling Returns In The R2R

The Scariest Face In All of Pro Wrestling Returns In The R2R.

The stars keep signing up for what is shaping up to be the most stacked 50 man Rumble To Remember in the match’s history on January 12th and adding to that list is former SPW Tag Team Champion The Son Of Syko!
The man who hid his appearance for years revealed it at the tail end of his CWE run over a year ago revealing a face of deformity still unexplained to this day.
The Son Of Syko promised to create the same deformity to every competitor he ever steps in the ring with and on January 12th he will have the opportunity to play out his plan on the masses as he competes against 49 other competitors all vying for a CWE Championship opportunity in the main event of the 9th Anniversary Show.
Not only as a super heavyweight combatant who will be very difficult to eliminate the competitors in the match will now have to be on edge as he looks to cause permanent damage to their faces!
Be there live on January 12th in Winnipeg but stay out of Son Of Syko’s way!

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