TV Title Match Added To October 11th Event TV Title Match
TV Champion “A-List” Anderson Tyson Moore vs. Mr. Fantastic

A huge addition to the October 11th in Winnipeg has been made with the announcement of two of Canada’s top stars set to do battle over CWE gold. Legend City Wrestling’s Mr. Fantastic competes in Winnipeg for the first time ever and he has a great opportunity to return to Newfoundland with a title around his waist.

Although a brand new face to CWE Mr. Fantastic is the face of LCW and their weekly television program on the East Coast. As the top star for the promotion he is currently in the hunt for the company’s heavyweight title in an on going feud with “Kowboy” Mike Hughes. He looks to get one step closer to being a champion by securing CWE’s TV Title.

This match however will only be contested for the TV title IF ATM retains in his match the night before in Neepawa with “The Rebel” Bobby Collins. The champion’s arrogant and cocky attitude already has many men in the locker room gunning for a shot at the championship so each and every defense could be his last with the caliber of talent lining up for a shot at the champion.

Two of Canada’s brightest stars compete over championship accolades in Winnipeg on October 11th!

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