Two Alberta Based Stars Do Battle In Winnipeg Nov 24th

Two Alberta Based Stars Do Battle In Winnipeg Nov 24th.

“The Original” Marky vs. 2016 Super Jobber Tasty Travis
CWE’s Spin The Wheel Make The Deal on November 24th in Winnipeg continues to heat up with a blockbuster match that offers a very interesting dynamic and proving ground for two established wrestling competitors.
It was only a few years ago a young Tasty Travis not too fresh out of wrestling school and the Alberta independent wrestling scene packed up his bags and headed to Manitoba to compete with the elite on a regular basis. The Alberta wrestling scene at the time was very much dominated by “The Original” Marky who was solidifying his iconic status in the province.
Tasty Travis has made it very clear on multiple occasions he felt he needed to leave Alberta as although he was young to the business he felt he was already vastly more advanced than his veteran peers based on his dedication to physical fitness and drive to leave the province and advance his career.
On November 24th Tasty Travis will put that logic to the test as he has been competing across North America for the last few years and regularly for CWE and he will wrestle the man that was at the helm during his time in Alberta who ironically enough is making his first appearance ever in Manitoba when Marky competes on November 24th.
Marky debuted for CWE in 2017 and has been undefeated in both main event outings. Competing for CWE has lit a fire under Marky that has him competing at his highest level and has motivated him for the first time in his near 20 year career to head to Manitoba to be a part of CWE’s quickly growing brand.
Alberta wrestling fans are quite familiar with why Marky is “the man” and has been for some time but when he enters the ring on November 24th it is a clean slate in front of audience that has yet to witness him live so it will be like almost starting all over again 20 years into his career which will be interesting to see if he thrives under the pressure or if it effects his game.
To add heat in the kitchen this match will be contested under Spin The Wheel Make The Deal as YOU the fans pick the match out of the wheel!

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