Two Canadian Legends Collide For The 1st Time In A CWE Ring



CWE Championship Match
CWE Champion “Outlaw” Adam Knight vs. “The Zombie Hunter” MENTALLO

CWE’s event on February 11th in Fannystelle is very quickly shaping up to be a monumental event and adding fuel to that fire is a monumental title match that is pitting two of the most respected and most successfulCanadian¬†wrestling veterans in the history of the country against each other!

For the first time ever in a CWE ring two 20+ year veterans in “Outlaw” Adam Knight and “The Zombie Hunter” MENTALLO will compete and it will be over the illustrious CWE Championship!

MENTALLO has returned to CWE action recently and has been nothing but successful. With victories over Tyler Colton, AJ Sanchez, and recently Shigehiro Irie he has quickly shown he hasn’t lost a step in his time away from CWE and is a major threat to the locker room.

Although he didn’t win the Rumble To Remember he was the runner up and with his strong showing management has deemed even though he won’t headline the 8th Anniversary show he is the longest reigning champion in company history and will get an opportunity February 11th in Fannystelle, Manitoba!

The result of this match will have major ramifications on the 8th Anniversary event as if Adam Knight is victorious he will have defeated the longest reigning champion in history going into literally the biggest main event in anniversary show history. If MENTALLO is able to capture the championship he will return to the thrown as CWE Champion and battle his student, the man he created in Tyler Colton in the main event of the biggest show of the year.

Pro wrestling to the very definition will be on display February 11th!

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