Two Potential Tour Stealers Added To Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is one of CWE’s hottest wrestling cities which results in some of the biggest matches each and every tour going down in CWE’s lone Ontario stop and that is no different May 6th!

2017 Rumble To Remember Winner “Wrestling’s Strongest Man” Tyler Colton vs. “The Canadian Crusher” AJ Sanchez

Two of the biggest and baddest competitors in all of Canadian Wrestling’s Elite take the stage in Thunder Bay in what will be AJ Sanchez’s first appearance in Thunder Bay in 5 years!

The first ever CWE Champion was one of the most hated competitors when CWE appeared in Thunder Bay in its early years and although Sanchez hasn’t competed in Thunder Bay since then he still holds that same response across Canada and there no reason to expect anything less on May 6th.

Tyler Colton has been a very dominant force since the revival of Thunder Bay and him being in this match holds a very interesting dynamic. Colton challenges for the CWE Championship the night before in Winnipeg and is he is to capture the title this match would be for the CWE Championship.

However win or lose he will be battling Adam Knight which will be the fight of his life which may have him a little worse for wear come Thunder Bay.

One thing is certain and that this will be one of the most talked about matches come tour conclusion!

“A-List” Anderson Tyson Moore vs. “The Prince Of All Cruiserweights” Joseph A’Gau

If you come in with a high expectation you are going to be expected to deliver in big match situations and that is exactly what is in store for Joseph A’Gau in Thunder Bay as he competes against CWE’s only Grand Slam Champion.

Anderson Tyson Moore is working very hard to maintain momentum after losing the CWE Championship and has been more poised and determined than ever. He wants the best competition and he has it in “The Prince Of All Cruiserweights”.

Both men have a chip on their shoulder and both men want to be considered the “best”. Both men will have an opportunity to prove their case on May 6th!

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