D-lo Brown comes to the rescue: Greg Valentine is replaced

Recently it was announced that D-Lo Brown, an Attitude Era legend, has replaced Greg Valentine at low.

The CWE management reports with great sadness that they were contacted by Julie, The man’s wife, who reported that Greg had become gravely ill last night, and it’s hoped he would feel better tonight before his flight, but he needed extra medical help, so the man is unable to attend this weekend’s CWE Legends Of Wrestling & Professional Sports 2 Convention.

A lucky story of the replacement

Fortunately, the CWE has friends in high places, and CWE Legends Of Wrestling 2 headliner Ron ‘Faarooq’ Simmons saved the day by replacing Valentine with one of the most memorable personalities of all time and an Attitude Era legend – D-Lo Brown!

The former WWF Intercontinental and European Champion and member of The Nation Of Domination will make his Central and Western Canadian debut on Saturday night.

Extra opportunities for Valentine’s fans

Fans who purchased tickets can contact the website promoter diyobo.com to receive a refund or exchange them for D-Lo Brown, who is going to fulfill Greg’s scheduled duties during the event.
CWE management has already discussed the possibility with Valentin and has agreed to sign the photos that are returned to CWE for fans to pick up while he is away.

If you have a Super Ticket or a ticket signed by Valentine, please leave your name and contact information at the front desk, as the photos are to be mailed to Greg first thing Monday morning. The management says it’s possible to arrange for the mailing of any personal items you want to be signed.

Surprises are not finished

As a special thank for support and understanding, the managers will give Super Ticket holders will receive a free opportunity to take a photo with Farook and Di-Lo Brown in the special edition of Nation Of Domination.

General admission ticket holders can also purchase this unique and rare photograph for $50.

Also D-Lo at a live event creates a very unique encounter that can only be seen in such circumstances.

Duggan and former WWF Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana will face ‘Canadian Destroyer’ AJ Sanchez and former WWF Intercontinental Champion D-Lo Brown in ‘Hotshot’ Daytime! The fight of the legends is about to enter a new stage!