Jimmy Jacob’s CWE Championship title is sacrificed for a wrestling career

The wrestling world doesn’t stop to surprise. Fans bombarded CWE management with questions about Jimmy Jacobs ‘Zombie Princess’ and the CWE Championship title he now holds.
Rumors circulated a few weeks ago that the 5-time ROH team leader and CWE star had signed a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Before Jacobs got the victory in the championship, management was aware of the negotiations, but Jacobs winning Rumble To Remember honored his deserved opportunity. The show’s 6th Anniversary main event featured the always-talented Jacobs, who took advantage of the opportunity and went down in history by winning the CWE Championship.

As Jacobs wraps up his ROH schedule and other independent commitments, it is now confirmed and known that he has agreed to terms with WWE and that he will begin with WWE before the Bad Influence Tour, where he will be unable to challenge and possibly beat him.

What is the state of affairs now?

As a result, firstly in CWE’s six-year history, the CWE has been declared vacant. Many people will benefit from this opportunity because there is a long list of hungry people who deserve it.

The four-way ‘Tables, Ladders, and Chairs’ battle will be the main occasion of Fear Factor, that takes place June 26 in Winnipeg with Justin Gabriel, and the winner will be crowned the new CWE Champion.

Although it is unknown who will compete in the TLC four-way for the title, management has confirmed that the winner of the current Elite 8 tournament on June 26 will receive one of the four spots in that match.

Being crazy wrestling fans and Jimmy Jackob’s admirers let’s give congratulations to Jimmy Jacobs, one of CWE’s most successful stars, on the beginning of a new chapter in his career.

Dreaming a little: will it be noticeable?

Of course, nobody is able to forecast the future, but we may hope and dream the new coming TLC fight will be comparable to the greatest WrestleMania X-7 fight.

The battle of Edge, Christian, the Dudleys, and Hardy, who renewed their rivalry deserves to be mentioned.

This TLC fight contained the same breathtaking spots but introduced a new one that became one of the most iconic snapshots in WrestleMania history. Edge climbing a ladder and catching Gardy and Lita destroying Spike with a chair shot is one of the most remarkable wrestling moments.

Who knows, maybe this rivalry will be full of a fantastic show too.